Watch Out for These Common Winter Roofing Issues
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Watch Out for These Common Winter Roofing Issues

The Minnesota weather is known for being some of the harsher climates, and as a property owner, you want to make sure that your roof is in the best condition possible. Understanding ways to help prevent potential risks and make roofing repair more quickly is essential, so here are some common roofing issues that happen in the winter to look for.

1. Ice Dams

Most homeowners in the Twin Cities have experienced ice dams caused by an accumulation of snow that has frozen, then melted, and as the water runs off the roof, it refreezes, forming a barrier.

How Do You Prevent Ice Dams?

The primary way to prevent ice dam damage is to ensure that you have good insulation and proper ventilation. There is such a thing as too much insulation.


2. Condensation Build-Up

Condensation is another regular occurrence and is caused by the warm internal temperature meeting the roof's cold. This can lead to low air quality due to mold growth, and possible wall damage.

How Do You Prevent Roof Condensation?

One of the most preventive ways to combat this is to ensure that your roof has proper ventilation.


3. Flashing Leaks

The flashing is the metal around anything sticking out of the roof, including the vents or piping. If these are damaged or not properly sealed, they can allow moisture inside the home. Flashing might be more challenging to inspect if you don't understand what you're looking for, so it can be helpful to find an experienced Minneapolis roofing contractor if you're concerned.

4. Severe Weather

Weather can be another primary culprit, and if you are dealing with high winds, they can cause damage to the shingles or flashing, and push moisture into the vents. One of the best things you can do is be mindful if there is a storm and do an inspection afterward.

5. Pests

It does not take much for small animals such as squirrels to enter your home, and any small space on the roof can be a welcome invitation. So, checking for gaps around the area can be the main priority to reduce the possibility of offering entry for them.

6. Tree Limbs

If you live on a piece of property with many tall trees, you want to do your best to keep them trimmed because if a branch hits the rooftop, it can cause damage to the shingles, which can foster moisture buildup underneath them.

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