Laundry Rooms

Basement Laundry Room Remodel Solutions

Establish a clean, spacious, and comfortable space to handle all of your laundry needs with a professional remodeling service!

  • Build a designated laundry room
  • Experience five-star customer service and results
  • Work with honest and reliable renovation contractors
  • Start your laundry room renovation off with a professional quote
  • Utilize your basement for a clean and organized laundry room

Maximize your home’s layout and organization with a designated laundry room. LBR Partners provides laundry room makeover services capable of helping you establish a spacious and organized space that’s dedicated to your weekly chores.

There are several amazing benefits to utilizing your basement as a separate laundry room. Schedule a consultation for your project today!

  • A designated laundry room allows you to manage clutter and keep loose clothing pieces in one, single location.
  • Keeping your laundry in the basement will keep your main level appearing clean and aesthetically pleasing at all times.
  • With built-in shelves and updated cabinets, you’ll be able to store and organize your detergent and other cleaning supplies with greater efficiency.
  • A basement laundry room remodel allows you to get creative with the space and fill the area with your favorite color schemes and design features.

When you’re ready to bring your basement laundry room ideas to life, contact the team at LBR Partners at 612-229-8529. We’ll supply you with five-star craftsmanship and results so you can get the most out of your home’s new addition.